“Malignant tumor”. These two words knock the ground from under the feet of any person. Malignant. Evil. Scary words from which emanate hopelessness, darkness and fear. It is quite another words “benign tumor”. And heart become relaxed and even the word “tumor” is not so pressing on the brain. But only for the first side it seems to be good because the main word is “tumor”. A “benign tumor” is very often no better than “malignant tumor”. This completely made sure Nastya and her family. Now Nastya is for 8 years. She began to ache as of 4 years. There were the first signs: high acetone and scoliosis. Parents consulted everywhere but the answer was one – the girl was healthy. After a while to disasters also added itching. Doctors suspected diabetes, but the suspicion is not confirmed. So, until last year, at intervals of six months, Nastya had to go to the hospital on the high acetone. But in 2013 everything changed. Parents began to notice changes in the present moves. At first thought, it is of scoliosis, but became more pronounced paresis - girl became even go sideways. Again sojournings in a hospitals. Finally it was appointed MRI. Tomogram showed the huge tumor in girls. The Institute of Neurosurgery, unfortunately, could only take a biopsy - the tumor is in a very remote place. According to the results of histological examinations proved that it is an astrocytoma. It was realized all the misleading word “benign” and ‛“malignant” tumors. In malignant tumors is chemotherapy, which lead to a reduction or complete disappearance of the tumor. If the “benign” tumor can only be only operation. Such operation is not technically possible in Ukraine. Oncology Branch Chairman Jaume Mora (Children Hospital Sant Joan de Deu in Barcelona) takes a little girl for treatment. Family has no money because only dad works. Operation and the entire course of treatment costs 26 200,00 €.

Nastya is a pupil of the first class. She really likes to study, although she studies on a home schooling.
Now the girl is in the hospital again with acetone and itching because trumor is develop. This trumor should be removed as soon as possible. But without money we can not do the operation. Vicious circle. But the girl really need to break out of it! Please help her in this!

Treatment and examenation
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Purpose of payment: Charity assistance Yanovich Nastya

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Фiлiя "Розрахунковий Центр" ЗАТ КБ "ПриватБанк", МФО 320649, код ОКПО 23699557

Мiжнародний Благодiйний Фонд "Сильнi Духом", ЕДРПОУ 35488463

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Purpose of payment: Charity assistance Yanovich Nastya

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Purpose of payment: Charity assistance Yanovich Nastya