“Strong-willed” international charity fund supports children fighting cancer, HIV and disseminated sclerosis. Doctors give up on most such kids but they live notwithstanding their dreadful diagnoses. They live also thanks to rehabilitation of “Strong-willed”.

«There is no such thing in the world that can resist one’s wish!» - it is our Fund’s logo. Those who fought their disease with our and God’s help are convinced in it.

Strong-willedinternational charity fund started from small childrenpuppet theater called «Braha» with children with oncology diseasesas actors. Theater aimed at reviving taste and sense of life in kids by means of REHABILITATION. This project grew into several rehabilitation projects which format went beyond work of children’s puppet theater. In 2005 “Strong-willedCFwasborn. Itstarted developing rehabilitation direction.

Rivil Kofman is mother of four children. She is a professional psychologist who personally experienced pain of cancer and helplessness of disseminated sclerosis.  She managed to win thanks to her own methodology. It was her experience which helped her realizing that adults can deal with cancer on their own; they can fight it and understand how to live afterwards. Butitiswaytoomuchforchildren. Rivil’s choice was to devote her life to children’s REHABILITATION. ShefoundedStrong-willedfund. For 9 years in a row together with her team she teaches how to win without medicine, without chemotherapy, without tears and sufferings. “Strong-willed” gives a fairy-tale bringing back to life!