Olga Matyushok, head of Kiev oncology dispensary children’s unit, Ukraine

«What Rivil and team of “Strong-willed” do, I mean fairy tale therapy and art therapy, this will never make things worse. So the doors of our department are always open for her.

The purpose of alternative medicine is to help, right?.. And this is exactly what she does, she is helping our children.

Honestly speaking, it is difficult for evaluation from a medical point of view... I mean, you can not measure it with any ruler or see it on ultrasonography. Though..., indirectly if a child is in a good mood, he/she can play and eat better, so blood test will be better too»

(from interview to “UTN” TV channel, December 2007)

Sergey Mazaev, “Moralny kodeks” rock band leader, Russia

«I am a 100% supporter of Rivil Kofman and activity of “Strong-willed” fund.

Do I believe in healing without medicine, with the sheer help of love and fairy tales? Itsnotjustbelieving. I know that there are no incurable diseases. Any disease can be cured by love.

Nowadays both modern medicine and the whole humanity is not ready to cure such diseases as cancer. Only some people manage to do that but most people don’t.

But time will come when any disease anywhere in the world will be cured by love.

I am with you, guys! Let me repeat that I am your 100% supporter and I wish there were more people like you.»

(from interview to Central Russian TV channel, 30.12.2007)

Dmitry Tabachnik, ex-Minister of education and science, youth and sport of Ukraine

«Rivil Abramovna, I would like to thank you personally for what you are doing. You are helping sick children and wish health to all kids. I wish you and all around you prosperity. We’ll be glad to help you in your activity...»

(from personal meeting in the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine, 29.06.2011)

Olga Sumskaya, honored actress of Ukraine 

«Dear Rivil, I sincerely wish you a great desire to live and create. As great Romain Rolland: «To create means to kill death...». Wishing you success, prosperity and health!»

(from speech on «Pride of Ukraine – 2006» award)  

Aleksandr Shvets, chief editor of “Fakty” newspaper, Ukraine

«Let me say one thing – if a person wants to do good things, no one will stop this goodness. Rivil managed to overcome disease in order to return both to her own kids and to kids from other families in need of her help. Thank you so much

(from speech on «Pride of Ukraine – 2006» award)

Olga Gerasymyuk, deputy of Ukraine, TV hostess of “Without Taboo” talk-show 

«You show your actions with deeds rather than with words. You are conducting real work in hospitals and with children medicine abandoned....

Children who came across Rivil Kofman and her “Strong-willed” fund became genuinely strong-willed. The name of the fund is for a reason – to honor those overcoming dreadful diseases.... You are working miracles and it is very good. I was taught to start “tomorrow” with faith in better. Let it be so!»

(from materials of “Without Taboo” TV-program, «1+1» channel, Ukraine) 
Svetlana Donskaya, head of Children’s oncology and hematology centre of National children’s “Ohmatdyt” hospital, Kiev, Ukraine

«...We need to understand one thing. If we combine traditional treatment methods with psychosomatic methodology, it amplifies the effects of basic treatment methods. This is the point. This is what Rivil and her fund do....»

(from interview to “Ukraina” TV-channel, 12.01.2008)

Igor Shchepotin, main oncologist of Ukraine, director of Ukrainian National Institute of Cancer, professor 

«repeatedly talked to children who used to suffer from oncology disease. And I asked them: «What was the main problem, what was the hardest in the process of treatment?»

I expected to hear about surgical interference or long-term and exhausting chemotherapy. However children claimed that the main problem was the sense of isolation from public life».

(from interview to «1+1» Ukrainian TV-channel, November, 2008)

Andrey Kuznetsov, protopope. NANO academician.

«For the 20 years of serving a ROC priest I have seen a lot of wonderful people, but what Rivil Kofman does is really huge. She helps children maintaining their desire to live. Her work and strong faith in Creator save their lives. Work methods are brilliant, nature-aligned and have profound scientific grounds. God’s blessing will always be with her».

Yury Gladush, CEO of Ukrainian National children’s specialized “Ohmatdyt” hospital, Kiev, Ukraine

«DearMrs. Rivil!

Administration of National children’s specialized “Ohmatdyt” hospital expresses its sincere gratitude for active participation in quality of life improvement of those children who undergo medical treatment in hospital departments and for fairy tale therapy conduction.

Your methodology has a positive influence on children’s psychoemotional state and promotes recovery process. With best regards and hopes for further cooperation».

(official letter № 18/2 dated 30.05.2011)


Yury Pavlenko, ex-minister of Ukraine in issues of family, youth and sport

«Oh, I see that you are a real fairy!...

Can I introduce you to my son? I am sure he has a devout wish!

And now it will surely come true...»

(from personal meeting in «1+1» TV-channel studio, Kiev, Ukraine, 25.04.2009)


Mikhail Yudin, representative of Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation 

«What your fund is doing is both interesting and inspiring. As far as I know, we have nothing of the kind here in Russia and it’s a pity... I would like to raise a question in Russian Chamber as to implementation of such methodology in Russia...

You are great people. It is wonderful to have people around us who care about others and made this their sense of life.

Charity, mercy, serving those in need for help – this is what makes a human being. I see that you live with God in your heart and follow commandments – and it brings you Love. And it is noticeable.

In case of difficult times in Ukraine or if you simply wish to move to Russia – we will help you to implement such a wonderful dream as to build a “Fairy house” children's centre.

I wish you success in all your undertakings!»

(from personal meeting in Central Russian Channel studio in Ostankino, Moscow, 11.12.2007)


Irina Lysenko, head of “Novy kanal” all Ukrainian TV company, Ukraine


«”Novy kanal” TV company sincerely congratulates you on “Call of duty” nomination award based on the decision of Community Council of “Pride of country – 2006” premium....

Your life and deeds serve as an example of courage, humanity and love for life....
You enable us to be proud that we were born and live in Ukraine....
Sending you our respect and waiting for you at festive awards ceremony...»,

(from letter dated 30.02.2007 from Members of Community Council of “Pride of country”)