In the Tarasiv School was held a charitable fair "Towards the Dream" on the initiative of the self-government schoolchildren.

Schoolchildren became on this day sellers, buyers, masters - artisans,

The Colleague students are usually active participants of charity events. This time also we responded on appeal of International charity fund “Strong-willed” about realization All-Ukrainian charity action

Everything begins from a seed and from a ground, where it will fall. Last summer my magic Svetlana Drobot decided to write the letter about our Fairy center and about our serving there for Maxim Trineev.

Charity event of “Children’s pray for peace” was held at Olimpiysky Stadium. Dozens of children with their parents took part in it. The purpose was to raise

As long as the pirate schooner did not put off the Okhmatdet bay, the captain sent Henry Morgan with Jack, an assistant, to the Pediatrics Department.

Captain Bon and his right-hand man sailor Jack landed the shore of Okhmatdet yesterday on their pirate schooner. The pirates arrived to tell the children about their adventures and faraway sea travels.

The visit of two true friends-pirates Henry Morgan and Francis Drake to the Toxicology Centre of OKHMADET for Children fell onto the last day of the winter. The meeting turned out to be extremely lively and happy.

Fixiks are very hard-working people, they always do something. Today their help was necessary at the Centre of Children’s Oncohaematology and Bone-Marrow Transplantation of Okhmatdet, and here they were!

The cold wind from the north washed a mysterious frigate ashore of OKHMADET. That was Her Highness Princess Liliana, a granddaughter of captain Flint, a legendary pirate of the northern seas

The miracles happen!!! The first step to Sasha’s Dream is made!!!We have managed to raise funds for Sasha’s medical examination in a fairy hospital of Amigo in Barcelona. That is a great joy for us, Sasha and his family: ‘I am so happy that now, at extremely hard time we have managed to do this!!! Godling, give your blessing to all of us for help till the end!!! Let this guy really find out that You are the Coolest, the Most Fairy and the Most Loving!!! Thanks to Strong-Willed Fund and particularly to Rivil Kofman, Alik and I are going to Barcelona for examination. We are very grateful to Ravil’, writes Sasha’s mother, Natalia.