The Children educational institution (ChEI) combined type No.182 «Happy Childhood» of the Zaporozhye city council in Zaporizhzhya region, supported the project of the International charity fund "Strong-willed"

and contribute promoting of the Nationwide annual charitable action "Towards the Dream" in order to raise funds for supporting the work of the Children's rehabilitation center. On February 16, 2018, in all groups of pre-school institution was held the Day of spontaneous manifestation of kindness: thematic classes, conversations, didactic and role-playing games, reading fairy tales, proverbs and sayings, productive activities were devoted to the topic of the day. With help of parents of the pupils and the staff of the institution was collected and was transferred to the International charity fund "Strong-willed" 800,63 (eight hundred 63 kopecks) UAH to support the work of the Children's rehabilitation center.

Head of ChEI - Mostovaya Olga Yaroslavovna.

Kindergartener – Slonska Darya Igorevna