The miracles happen!!! The first step to Sasha’s Dream is made!!!We have managed to raise funds for Sasha’s medical examination in a fairy hospital of Amigo in Barcelona. That is a great joy for us, Sasha and his family: ‘I am so happy that now, at extremely hard time we have managed to do this!!! Godling, give your blessing to all of us for help till the end!!! Let this guy really find out that You are the Coolest, the Most Fairy and the Most Loving!!! Thanks to Strong-Willed Fund and particularly to Rivil Kofman, Alik and I are going to Barcelona for examination. We are very grateful to Ravil’, writes Sasha’s mother, Natalia.

 We thank everybody who helped Sasha to start this magic travel to health! But we are not going to stop, because the surgery is ahead and it requires money.

We believe that together we shall help Sasha to make the first real Step of his!