This is the motto of unordinary visitors who came yesterday to visit the patients in the Children Hematology Department of Kyiv Regional Clinical Hospital.


Usually these little men live in devices and mechanisms created by people: in every country in every home they are fixing, cleaning, oiling and caring about these devices. Fixiks are so tiny that people cannot see them. That is why people do not guess who actually fix their home equipment. The fixiks’ names are Simka and Nolik. And only today, with the help of magic, Simka and Nolik appeared in the Children Hematology Department, because there they have an important task: this time, the little patients need a “repair”.



            As “repair” measures, the children did active exercises with positive, with the help of the sea of happiness which waves were beating against the ceiling – they were fighting against the enemy and even, like real super –agents, made their way through the nets of dangers and dodged tricky hits of “the helpator”.