On December 30, 2014, on the New Year Eve, a real Santa Claus appeared in the Children’s Cancer Care Center. Kids couldn’t trust their eyes…as New Year Season celebrations, congratulations, and gifts have already passed. That day seemed as a routine one – physicians, taking samples…while suddenly an old man arrives. An old man with a white (like snow) beard, dressed in a blue (like sky) fur coat, and with a huge sack of cheerfulness, fun and gifts!

Children gaily received packages with ‘healing fruits’ and plush toys from the Magic Visitor’s hands, promising to behave good, not only to take care of their selves but care of younger and weaker friends as well, to bring joy and positive emotions all around. Santa wished to be healthy to everyone and embraced each little winner! The embraces of the cheerful old man couldn’t miss out even physicians and hospital nurses! This New Year visit touched everybody, while the principal gift, being received by the whole hospital Department, was good mood and Belief. Belief in the fact that Miracles happen, and Dreams will come true for sure!