Welcome to a festival taking place at “Fantasy world” rehabilitation centre for children with oncology diseases. 

“Fantasy world” centre was opened by a professional psychologist – a fairy Rivil – who help kids fighting with cancer cell Barakobola for the last ten years. Thanks to money prize from “Dancing for you” program and active help of parents of children with oncology diseases premises were found for rehabilitation centre. Within several months a duplex was converted from office into a real children’s world where even a magical waterfall dissolving all illnesses and misfortunes of young visitors is present. Center works free of charge according to the method developed by a fairy Riva who worked with dozens of children already. This methodology is called fairy tale therapy. With the help of a fairy tale Rivil helps a child to set for recovery and find courage to beat cancer using the power of thought.

«The world around us is thinner than we think, - the fairy believes. - We create it with our every thought. Therefore, children who were in the dark cancer departments need magic, and parents need understanding and the opportunity to rest a little. "

Parents at this meeting will also learn what psychological help their child needs after dismissal from oncology department.  

We are waiting for you on Saturday, December 5, at 12-00 at the address Shchorsa St.23 app.3.