Participants of “Dancing for you” project within 2 months are dancing for the purpose of fulfilling a dream of project heroes. Rumor has it that actress Katia and Marat had a fling during project.

“Dancing for you” project is coming to its end. This Saturday we will finally find out which couple is the winner. Audience was acquainted with eight stories of regular people competing for the main prize – fulfilling a dream of one of the dearest ones. The struggle wasn’t easy. Only three couples reached the final: Oleg Lysogor and Maryana Gordinskaya, Dyadya Zhora and Irina Bochay, Katia Kuznetsova and Marat Nudel. The latter came for the project to fulfill a dream of his aunt Rivil wishing to build a rehabilitation centre for children with oncology diseases.

Marat’s aunt Rivil is more than a family member for him. Sheishisfriend. A person who can listen, understand and give advice how to act correctly.

Several years ago Rivil was seriously ill. Nevertheless, the woman found strength and managed to heal herself on hew own. This was the time when Marat’s aunt made her first puppets now being a part of her puppet theater. The actors of this theater are children with oncology diseases.

- Every child need a specific approach, if someone has a tumor, she says: «Imagine that you have an air balloon which is gradually deflating. When you go to the shower, it dissolves under magic rain, it becomes less and disappear eventually», - Marat says. – And children believe in it and imagine it!

Rehabilitation of children with oncology diseases is Rivil’s sense of life.

Rivil’s dream is to build a Fairy house – children’s rehabilitation centre. Indeedshehasadegreeinpsychology. Thus she has work experience and professional skills in this sphere. Thematterdependsonmaterialaspect of the issue.

- We need land with lots of space, nature, water reservoir as water is necessary for treatment. There will be ponies, magic characters, clowns there. Different children will come to us: both those who were dismissed from hospitals and those doctors regarded as hopeless, and children whose parents do not have money for treatment, - the woman tells.

Marat always tried to help his aunt in her noble deeds. In particular, student-choreographer staged dances for her puppet performances. So when it came to participation in program, he agreed to it without thinking. Andforagodreason. Performances of their couple were always highly valued by the jury. They never got into a duel, but whether Katia and Marat will be able to become program winners, depends on audience voting, which results will become familiar this Saturday.