Many of my little winners liked magic bottles, which are always filled with the healing water in the morning!
Our magic water is in the most beautiful vessels!

We thank the friends, who responded to our search for a washing machine for the toxicology department in the hospital. The washing machine was safely delivered to the destination!!!!!

Sometimes, during a long treatment children have very bad mood, they want to cry, get sad and do not want to talk.
In such cases helps a magic bottle with healing water!

Today was a day of psychological support for the family, who lost their son two months ago. Their boy went to the heavenly world.
It was our first meeting

Today were two mothers and two small winners under the magic healing lamp in our game room at the same time!!!
We dissolved the ewing sarcoma

Our fabulous Children's center was visited by children from Ohmatdyt! They were sitting in a magical tree of growth by turns!!! They drank healing tea, ate magical bagels!

Several months ago Katya was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. Mather with daughter asked to come visiting our magic Children's center, which is hosted by a real fairy!!!

When in the hospital quarantine, you could chat with the help of the Internet! - Hello, fairy! Let's jump with you to another dimension, to where the tests results are normal!!!

The Children educational institution (ChEI) combined type No.182 «Happy Childhood» of the Zaporozhye city council in Zaporizhzhya region, supported the project of the International charity fund "Strong-willed"

Despite the isolation period, the school noted the importance of studying foreign languages by holding a thematic week. The event, which began the week, was a song and dance flashmob