Diar friends!

Our fund is renting a one-bedroom apartment in the center of Kyiv, 23 Shchorsa Street for more than eight years.  Each of us has given own love and own wish to help terminally ill children thanks to faith in God, in miracles, in fairy tales.
We have been searching for money to catch a taxi to take very sad children who lost faith in everything.  We have been finding resources to pay the animators, psychologists who would put on the costumes of the characters of the children books and who would become faithful friends to the children touched by cancer.
And indeed…  During these eight years, many children who had come to our center “Fairy Tales World” would return with the smiles, with blush on their cheeks, with hearts full of positive emotions and with assurance that God will definitely give strength to get well.
We have been witnesses of many miracles.  We are happy because our program “Fairy Tales World” bears a good fruit.

"Fairy Tales World"

There is a new group of children apart from those suffering from cancer, HIV, multiple sclerosis and other serious illnesses.  New kids have severe burns, wounds and heavy psychological issues.  These are the children that were affected by anti-terrorist operation in Eastern Ukraine; they also need serious psychological rehabilitation and help.
Our apartment became too small to carry all the program activities.  It is not convenient anymore, because a lot of children move with the help of the crutches and use wheelchairs.  There is no elevator in the building either.
We found a new place that is much more suitable than we have at the moment.  It is a convenient unit with spacy hallways, sun filled rooms and with an elevator in the building.
We started the construction repairs, but we will not be able to do them on our own.  We need laminate floors, paintable wallpaper, ceiling tile, paint and the equipment for the children programs.

We will appreciate any offers!
We know only this…
We are doing right things, and God will support us through you, through your hands and through your hearts.  It should not be any other way.



№п/п Найменування Кількість Вартість Всього, грн:  
1 Ламинат (все помещения кроме санузла) 200м2 330 грн./1м2 66000  
2 Обои под покраску 400-450 м2 375 грн./25м2 7 500  
3 Краска Caparol Sensitive 400-450м2 1260грн./60м2 6 500  
4 Розетки, выключатели, подрозетники, наполнение, и т.д 120шт. 40 грн./1шт. 5000  
5 Плитка настенная в кухню 10м2 250 грн./1м2 2500  
6 Гипсокартон (перегородка в санузле) 2 листа, профиль, крепеж 1200/3 000мм   400  
7 Плафоны подвесные +энергосберегающие лампы 10 шт.   1500  
8 расходы на мебель (кухня из ДСП под шкафы, столы, стулья и др.)        
ВСЬОГО:       89400 грн.


You can help in any way you like.

Bank details




«Strong-willed» fund is badly in need of a passenger car. We transport kids to rehabilitation exercises on our own – so we have to use taxis which are not equipped for sick children’s transportation. Besides, our own car would significantly cut costs for transportation of personnel working with children. 


Minibus is necessary for transporting children from hospitals to rehabilitation centre. Minibus will also serve as a wheeled mini-centre visiting severely ill children at home for rehabilitation courses purpose.

“Fantasy world” operating rehabilitation centre is in need of

100 m2 premises rent (Kiev, Shchorsa St.) 6500 UAH
utility charges  300 UAH

transport services (hospital -Fantasy world - hospital):


- Verhovinnaya-Shchorsa,23- Verhovinnaya (a bus for 20 people)

550 UAH

- Sholudenko-Shchorsa,23- Sholudenko (a bus for 20 people)

550 UAH
- Baggovutovskaya-Shchorsa,23- Baggovutovskaya (a bus for 20 people) 550 UAH
Treats  270 UAH

centre clean up:


- premises clean up

750 UAH

- carpet cleaning 

520 UAH
 -- windows washing  400 UAH

food for pets:


- doe rabbit Pusha 

80 UAH

- turtles Lalita and Bala

50 UAH
 - aquarium fish  70 UAH
in total - 11 320 UAH per month

Settlements are made based on visits of 45-60 children to “Fantasy world” center together with their parents 3 times per month.


Fund volunteers always try to attract as much attention as possible to needs of children with oncology diseases by means of mailing. Such mailings may be vital for financing programs carried out by “Strong-willed” Charity fund. Successful mailing needs A-4 paper, envelopes, postmarks etc. We also present children with healing audio tales for which CDs are necessary. 

А-4 paper (500 sheets) - 20 packages

А-4 envelopes – 2000 pcs.

Post envelopes - 1000 pcs.

Postmarks within Ukraine (2,50 UAH) - 3000 pcs.

Ballpoint pens - 30 pcs.

Lead pencils - 30 pcs.

Stapler – 3 pcs.

Hole puncher – 2 pcs. 

CD with label for printing (700mb) – 5000 pcs.

DVD with label for printing (4,7GB) – 5000 pcs.

DVD box - 5000 pcs.

CD box - 5000 pcs.

A tripod blackboard (flipchart) magnetic, marker - 1 pcs.


Festivals are a part of every kid's life and "Strong-willed" do not let fatal disease deprive a child of these joyful moments. But we do not simply amuse children – each festival is a deep psychological rehabilitation work both with groups and individuals. 

In order to conduct useful festivals our volunteers need the following:

  •          air balloons
  •          toys (new); in case of second hand, they need to be processed at 90 degrees with usage of anti-allergic means)
  •          gift sets for the age 3-13
  •          clown hats – wigs
  •          clown noses
  •          surgical boots
  •          medical face masks
  •          album paper
  •          fancy paper
  •          pencil sets 

To finish building a magic waterfall

The power of magic waterfall may wipe of «barakabolu». A waterfall does a good job fighting with kid’s bad mood. It is able to «say “hello”», «laugh» and «sneeze» with magic drops. The cost of project implementation is 15000 UAH.

Information and bank data for charity help at the link http://siladuha.org/help

Contact person for additional information.