“Happiness with wings” all Ukrainian charity campaign was launched in 2011 all over Ukraine. Thousands butterflies flew around Ukraine in order to bring happiness worth living. Thesebutterfliesaresymbolsofhealthandfaithinlife. They were invented by children who overcame cancer and successfully passed rehabilitation together with “Strong-willed”. Children know the value of rehabilitation and dream to open a “Fairy house” rehabilitation centre in Ukraine. Hundreds of schools, kindergartens and institutes take active part in Campaign – teachers and tutors with a God-given talent understand value of charity in children’s evnironment.

“Happiness with wings” Campaign in educational institution is represented by a «Day of charity and goodness». A butterfly flyer is given to each person taking part in this Campaign. The flyer has a butterfly on one side, the other side states information about building a “Fairy house” for kids with oncology diseases in Ukraine. A big butterfly is pinned to the blackboard in classroom for the term of Campaign conduction.

As part of “Happiness with wings” Campaign any pupil or student may write a small essay about charity and the way how magic butterfly may change the world for the better. School management sends best essay to the Fund address (1-3 essays), stating full name of the author, class, full name and address of the school. Best essays will be published in book named “Happiness with wings” which will be presented to all kids with oncology diseases and all authors-winners.

In order to take part in Campaign, please, contact our Fund and give us the following information: full name and address of educational institution; total number of children (students), groups; full name and telephone number of the person in charge of conduction/coordination. Our Fund provides all materials necessary for Campaign conduction.

Let’s build a “Fairy house” for kids with oncology diseases together!