«What your fund is doing is both interesting and inspiring. As far as I know, we have nothing of the kind here in Russia and it’s a pity... I would like to raise a question in Russian Chamber as to implementation of such methodology in Russia...

You are great people. It is wonderful to have people around us who care about others and made this their sense of life.

Charity, mercy, serving those in need for help – this is what makes a human being. I see that you live with God in your heart and follow commandments – and it brings you Love. And it is noticeable.

In case of difficult times in Ukraine or if you simply wish to move to Russia – we will help you to implement such a wonderful dream as to build a “Fairy house” children's centre.

I wish you success in all your undertakings!»

(from personal meeting in Central Russian Channel studio in Ostankino, Moscow, 11.12.2007)