City of Residence: Kyiv
Date of birth: September, 15, 2006
Diagnosis: astrocytoma of the
spinal cord “Malignant tumor”.Operation and the entire course
of treatment costs:
26 200,00 €
“Malignant tumor”. These two words knock the ground from under the feet of any person. Malignant. Evil. Scary words from which emanate hopelessness, darkness and fear. It is quite another words “benign tumor”. And heart become relaxed and even the word “tumor” is not so pressing on the brain. But only for the first side it seems to be good because the main word is “tumor”. A “benign tumor” is very often no better than “malignant tumor”. This completely made sure Nastya and her family…

Svetlana Donskaya, head of Children’s oncology and hematology centre of National children’s “Ohmatdyt” hospital, Kiev, Ukraine

«...We need to understand one thing. If we combine traditional treatment methods with psychosomatic methodology, it amplifies the effects of basic treatment methods. This is the point. This is what Rivil and her fund do....»

(from interview to “Ukraina” TV-channel, 12.01.2008)

Latest news

  • Children’s pray for peace come off!

    23 March 2015
    Charity event of “Children’s pray for peace” was held at Olimpiysky Stadium. Dozens of children with their parents took part in it. The purpose was to raise
  • Strong-willed. Get well happily!

    23 March 2015
    As long as the pirate schooner did not put off the Okhmatdet bay, the captain sent Henry Morgan with Jack, an assistant, to the Pediatrics Department.
  • Strong-willed. “Magic visit” of pirates to OKHMATDET.

    19 March 2015
    Captain Bon and his right-hand man sailor Jack landed the shore of Okhmatdet yesterday on their pirate schooner. The pirates arrived to tell the children about their adventures and faraway sea travels.
  • Pirates with a magic visit to OKHMATDET

    01 March 2015
    The visit of two true friends-pirates Henry Morgan and Francis Drake to the Toxicology Centre of OKHMADET for Children fell onto the last day of the winter. The meeting turned out to be extremely lively and happy.
  • Simka and Nolik race to rescue

    26 February 2015
    Fixiks are very hard-working people, they always do something. Today their help was necessary at the Centre of Children’s Oncohaematology and Bone-Marrow Transplantation of Okhmatdet, and here they were!
  • The sea adventures in OKHMATDET

    18 February 2015
    The cold wind from the north washed a mysterious frigate ashore of OKHMADET. That was Her Highness Princess Liliana, a granddaughter of captain Flint, a legendary pirate of the northern seas
  • The first step to the Dream!

    17 February 2015
    The miracles happen!!! The first step to Sasha’s Dream is made!!!We have managed to raise funds for Sasha’s medical examination in a fairy hospital of Amigo in Barcelona. That is a great joy for us, Sasha and his family: ‘I am so happy that now, at extremely hard time we have managed to do this!!! Godling, give your blessing to all of us for help till the end!!! Let this guy really find out that You are the Coolest, the Most Fairy and the Most Loving!!! Thanks to Strong-Willed Fund and particularly to Rivil Kofman, Alik and I are going to Barcelona for examination. We are very grateful to Ravil’, writes Sasha’s mother, Natalia.
  • A new standout meeting

    13 February 2015
    A visit of fairy guests to the Children’s Department of Svyatoshino Cancer Centre in Verkhovynna became an unexpected surprise. The children today have met fixiks, and the meeting appeared to be an unusually hearty. Simka and Nolik showed magiс tools to their new friends, they learnt together to tune their bodies to get well, dance under the rainbow and many other interesting things.

    31 January 2015
    This is the motto of unordinary visitors who came yesterday to visit the patients in the Children Hematology Department of Kyiv Regional Clinical Hospital.   Usually these little men live in devices and mechanisms created by people: in every country in every home they are fixing, cleaning, oiling and caring about these devices. Fixiks are so tiny that people cannot see them. That is why people do not guess who actually fix their home equipment. The fixiks’ names are Simka and Nolik. And only today, with the help of magic, Simka and Nolik appeared in the Children Hematology Department, because there they have an important task: this time, the little patients need a “repair”.
  • Unexpected Visitor

    08 January 2015
    On December 30, 2014, on the New Year Eve, a real Santa Claus appeared in the Children’s Cancer Care Center. Kids couldn’t trust their eyes…as New Year Season celebrations, congratulations, and gifts have already passed. That day seemed as a routine one – physicians, taking samples…while suddenly an old man arrives. An old man with a white (like snow) beard, dressed in a blue (like sky) fur coat, and with a huge sack of cheerfulness, fun and gifts!
  • Gorokhiv school towards a dream

    22 April 2014
    April 22, 2014, pupils and teaching staff of Corokhiv school of Snegirev district of Mykolayiv region took part in the II Ukrainian charitable campaign “Living out a dream!”
  • Ukrainian charitable campaign “Living out a dream” by Kyiv School №8

    14 April 2014
    On April, 14 in the Kyiv School № 8 of Obolon district under the Ukrainian charitable campaign “Living out a dream”, initiated by our Foundation, held an Exhibition-Fairs, which was attended by pupils of all ages. Students were selling homemade sweets, cakes, toys, books, magazines and many other things. Prices were reasonable, you could purchase what you needed. Special demand was a homemade pastry. Class teachers helped pupils to conduct fair.
  • Sessions of tales therapy

    08 April 2014
    One of the most effective methods of working with children who are experiencing emotional and behavioral difficulties is tales therapy. The essence of this method is a creating fabulous special atmosphere that makes children dreams come true, allows the child to come to grips with their fears, complexes and even diseases.
  • Nikolaev Living out a dream

    02 April 2014
    On April 2, in the Nikolaev School № 22 held the II Ukrainian charitable campaign “Living out a dream”. The purpose of the event was to draw public attention to the rehabilitation of children with cancer. Pupils painted angels. They will give it to sick children with best wishes. Thank you all for your kindness and indifferent!
  • Kherson Living out a dream!

    01 April 2014
    On April 1, 2014 in the Kherson School № 31 held the II Ukrainian charitable campaign “Living out a dream”, initiated by the International Charity Foundation “Strong-willed”. Pupils were talked about the children with cancer and patients who needed the assistance; those obstacles that they must overcome on the way to the realization of the dream – recovery. Thanks all for sincere feelings and warmth!
  • A chocolate day of happiness continues!

    01 April 2014
    Today we again with children visited our friends “Lviv chocolate workshop”. On the master-class children told interesting facts about chocolate and its origins.
  • Ivano-Frankovsk Living out a dream

    21 March 2014
    Ivan-Frankovsk secondary school № 22 started cooperation with “Strong-willed” international charity fund. II annual charity campaign called “Living out a dream” initiated by the fund was launched at school. Pupils were told about children with oncology diseases having the only dream – to recover. As part of campaign pupils painted angels and gave them to their dearest ones with best wishes.  
  • A chocolate day of happiness

    20 March 2014
    “Strong-willed” international charity fund together with “Lviv chocolate workshop” conducted “Chocolate world” charity campaign for children. Kids were present at workshops where they saw how a regular chocolate bar can transform into a real state of art. Kids themselves made tasty chocolate candies and enjoyed them. We are grateful to our friends, “Lviv chocolate workshop”, for assistance in conducting this campaign! _1 _2 _3 _4 _5 _6 _7 _8 _9 _10 _11 _12 _13
  • Rovno Living out a dream

    20 March 2014
    Pupils of secondary school № 1 named after V. Korolenko joined II annual charity campaign called “Living out a dream” initiated by “Strong-willed” international charity fund. Fund representatives and teachers told children about all difficulties kids with oncology diseases have to come through. Pupils painted symbolic angels – messengers of kindness and love – and gave them to those who are in bad need of their support.
  • Kirovograd Living out a dream

    18 March 2014
    Pupils of gymnasium № 9 in Kirovograd joined II annual charity campaign called “Living out a dream”. Fund representatives visited pupils and told them about their activity. Following the campaign children painted symbolic angels with wishes of health and kindness to their dearest ones.
  • Vyshnevskiy centre of children’s and youth creativity Living out a dream

    13 March 2014
    Pupils of Vyshnesvkiy centre of children’s and youth creativity supported project of “Strong-willed” international charity fund and became participants of annual charity campaign called “Living out a dream”. Children gave their creative works for “Angel in your life” exhibition-fair.  
  • Kiev International University Living out a dream

    12 March 2014
    A meeting of students with representatives of “Strong-willed” international charity fund took place at Kiev International University. Fund President Rivil Kofman told about fund activity and asked students to join fight for lives of little ones.
  • Artsiz Living out a dream

    13 February 2014
    Education department of Artsiz district council and Centre of children and youth creativity together with district schools conducted ІІ all Ukrainian charity campaign «Living out a dream». CYC centre and 24 district schools presented more than 60 angels manufactured from various materials for a district exhibition. Best works were given to the fund for “Angel in your life” exhibition. Fund fosters, school pupils and teaching staff organized a charity concert with fund raising for “Fairy house” rehabilitation centre construction.
  • Devoted to International day of fighting cancer

    04 February 2014
    Hello our friends and supporters! We are glad to inform you that till February, 4, - International day of fighting cancer – as part of “Living out a dream” campaign, we have visited Svyatoshyn oncology hospital and oncology-hematology department of “Ohmatdyt” hospital in Kiev. The team of “Strong-willd” ICF headed by Fund Presodent Rivil Kofman (fairy Rivil) presented children with good mood, positive emotions, as well as magic pillows with healing clouds. Children filled with faith in themselves and in their Dream were happy and cheerful; they asked a magic fairy and her friends to visit them again. We are grateful for understanding and cooperation to Matyushok Olga Fedorovna and Donskaya Svetlana Borisovna!  _1 _2 _3 _4 _5 _6 _7
  • II charity campaign "Living out a dream!"

    27 September 2013
    “Living out a dream!” annual charity campaign will be held in all educational institutions of Ukraine in the period from September, 15, 2013 till March, 31, 2014. “Living out a dream!” charity campaign is initiated by a girl named Sofia, who encountered oncology disease and dreams of a “Fairy house” for all children with the same problem. Let’s support Sofia’s dream! 
  • We are powerful together!

    23 July 2013
    Medical supplies in the amount of 82.500 UAH (net of VAT) necessary for 17 children were purchased for the period May – June 2013. We are thankful to all supporters who answered our request in assisting “Help to sick children” charity project. 
  • Welcome to “Fantasy world” opening!

    04 December 2012
    Welcome to a festival taking place at “Fantasy world” rehabilitation centre for children with oncology diseases. 
  • We will build "Fairy house"!

    25 June 2012
    Participants of “Dancing for you” project within 2 months are dancing for the purpose of fulfilling a dream of project heroes. Rumor has it that actress Katia and Marat had a fling during project.
  • "To heal with the help of a fairy tale", Iuliia LADNOVA, "Gazeta po-kievski"

    09 October 2007
    There is a puppet theater in Kiev where main artists are seriously ill children. A Kiever Rivil Kofman for 9 years in a row treats children with oncology diseases and disseminated sclerosis. Though once doctors predicted life in a wheel-chair for her – a medical record has the following entry: "Cannot manage unassisted". Nevertheless, not only did she recover, but she also created a theatre where young actors play, live and learn how to deal with illness. Unfortunately, there are not funds for a full oncology centre so far...